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Very often I discover myself rearranging my thoughts in terms of shapes and colors. I stitch and embroider these designs in my mind, before going to the work table and sketching. This is the beginning of my creative journey, that I continue with the use of design computer programs and hand work. I choose my fabrics carefully and I hand stitch them with embroidery thread onto a blank textile. I love using various embroidery techniques and also weave small circular shapes to give my work contrasting textures.

My atelier is in Basel, Switzerland but I am originally from Argentina

In 2015 I was interviewed by!!  To read more about me, click here: interview.


Past exhibitions/events

Exhibition @Basel Art Center. Basel. Sep. 2014

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Exhibition @Galerie Katapult. Basel. Apr. 2015

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Exhibition @Basel Art Center. Basel. Sep.2016

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Embroidery Workshop: Basic stitches. Textilpiazza, Liestal. November 2016

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Embroidery Workshop: Embroidered cards. Liestal. Nov. 2017

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Exhibition @Voltahalle. Basel. Nov. 2018




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